Homework help! 6th grade scientific meathod controls & variables?

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kk6th asked:

please help me!
I need the definition of Independent variable and dependent variable.
I question I would need this in would be: Mr. Krabs created a secret ingredient for a breath mint that he thinks will cure the bad breath people get from eating Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab. He asked 100 costumers with a history of bad breath to try his new breath mint. HE had 50 coustomers (group a) eat a breath mint after they finished eating a crabby patty.The other fifty (group B) also recived a breath mint after they finished the sandwich however it was just a regular breath mint an did not have the secret ingredient.Both groups were told that they were getting the breath mint that would cure there bad breath. Two hours after eating the krabby patties 30 coustomers in group A and 10 coustomers in group B reported having better breath then they normally had after eating crabby patties. So in that problem what would be the indpendent and dependent varibale? Help.

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  1. mainepeanut Says:

    The Independent Variable would be giving the special breath mints to the 50 customers (the variable that is identified or manipulated by the reseacher). The Dependent Variable is the expected outcome (the 30 customers in group A who had better breath).

  2. nats.. Says:

    the independent variable would be the breath mint (a or B, with secret ingredient or without) the dependent variable would be the number of customers that will say that they have better breath after taking the mints.

  3. Celina D Says:

    The independent variable is the breath mints with the secret ingrediant, and the dependent is the normal breath mints without the secret ingrediant. The best definition i found for both are these:
    Independent variable: A variable that is not affected by any other variables with which it is compared. For example, in comparing the price of an electric utility stock with interest rates, the interest rates are an independent variable because they are not affected by utility stock prices.
    Dependent variable: A variable affected by another variable or by a certain event. For example, because a stock’s price is affected by dividend payments, earnings projections, interest rates, and many other things, stock price is a dependent variable.
    I’m in 7th grade, and im pretty good in science. so…
    Hope I Helped!! ;]

  4. Jai K Says:

    uhhh i hate these things
    ok based on what i know
    the independant variable is mr krabs secret ingredient for a breath mint
    the dependant variable is the breath of the customers
    the control is the sandwhich/patty
    there you go

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